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Second step – export WSS 2.0 datas

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Now, my websites are customized. I want to export my data from my old WSS 2.0 to my new WSS 3.0. I don’t want to use the solutions proposed by Microsoft to migrate WSS (gradual or other…), because with this system, you can’t add/delete or modifie WebParts in your old pages. The content is “frozen”. So I want to develop a software to migrate all datas automatically.

I developed it in C# using the framework .Net 2.0. I develop a method which is access to data through the web services proposed by WSS 2.0. So I store those data into entities (class). Well, I have a web entity, a list entity, …

To import those data into WSS 3.0 you have two ways. With the web services or the object model of SharePoint. I choose the second way because my application will be executed on the server where WSS 3.0 is installed. I can say this it’s much quickly too (execution duration…). So data will be re-injected into WSS 3.0 database and I can see all my libraries ans lists.

If you want to developed a generic application to export and import WSS datas, I think you should use web services; that you can execute it on a local network or through Internet.