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After the announcement dealing with the Bewise Developer Conference 2008 in Toulouse, I started to work on the topic that I had to present all along this event. It’s about Microsoft Office SharePoint System (MOSS) and InfoPath forms.

I have to prepare some forms with workflows to manage records into a database (SQL Server 2005). You say that it’s easy? Sure no! Because I choose to use them with WCF services and LinQ… It’s a new experience for me…

Now I currently write an article (tutorial) exposing how to proceed… to combine LinQ accessing datas in database, use WCF to access those datas. After I planned to write how to connect InfoPath forms to methods exposed by WCF Services.

Wait & see!



[BDC 2008] – Bewise Developer Conference 08 – Toulouse – 10 Avril 2008

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Hello! Exceptionnellement un post en français pour parler de la Bewise Developer Conference 2008 qui a lieu à Toulouse le 10 avril 2008.

C’est un évènement majeur dans la vie de chaque employé de Bewise! Au programme de ce salon :

  • SQL Server 2008
  • Silverlight 2
  • SharePoint (Moss & WSS 3.0)
  • Asp /Net
  • Team System

Et puis c’est aussi des cadeaux à gagner pour les participants : TV LCD 94 cm, Wii + jeu Wii Sport, GPS, DD externe, etc.

Le site officiel et les inscriptions c’est ici

Venez nombreux!!!

Second step – export WSS 2.0 datas

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Now, my websites are customized. I want to export my data from my old WSS 2.0 to my new WSS 3.0. I don’t want to use the solutions proposed by Microsoft to migrate WSS (gradual or other…), because with this system, you can’t add/delete or modifie WebParts in your old pages. The content is “frozen”. So I want to develop a software to migrate all datas automatically.

I developed it in C# using the framework .Net 2.0. I develop a method which is access to data through the web services proposed by WSS 2.0. So I store those data into entities (class). Well, I have a web entity, a list entity, …

To import those data into WSS 3.0 you have two ways. With the web services or the object model of SharePoint. I choose the second way because my application will be executed on the server where WSS 3.0 is installed. I can say this it’s much quickly too (execution duration…). So data will be re-injected into WSS 3.0 database and I can see all my libraries ans lists.

If you want to developed a generic application to export and import WSS datas, I think you should use web services; that you can execute it on a local network or through Internet.

First step – WSS 3.0 Customization

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First, I have to customize web pages which are displayed by WSS 3.0 engine.

I customize masterpage using SharePoint Designer 2007. I have tu disable the top navigation menu. To navigate throw the websites, a special WebPart was developed (a javascript dynamic menu). But you can’t delete this component, yo have to disable using the enable property of the ContentPlaceHolder (to hide it). I disable other ContentPlaceHolders that I don’t want to keep.

Now, the structure of web pages are modified and I have to change the appearance of those, using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). I copy the original CSS called “core.css” and rename it. I keep it on the original folder. To use it, in SharePoint Designer I defined it as “default masterpage”. With this change, all new websites are automatically using my new masterpage. Now I have to change colors, layout, fonts, background colors, … But be careful! Styles are used everywhere… To find the styles name you can use a web browser toolbar (for ie or firefox). It’s very useful!

Next you can export this site as a template to create a generic model of this site (*.stp == site template). So that you can replicate this website as many time as you want, using you CSS and your modifications.

I hope that this article can help you!

Hello world!

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Welcome to My new Blog!

I live in Toulouse in France and I’m 23. I’m studying Computer Sciences in Paul Sabatier University in second year of master degree, more exactly “Master 2 professionnel GLRE”… last year! “GLRE” is for “Génie Logiciel, logiciels Répartis & Embarqués”. It means that those students knows how to manage software development process. It means that they can develop software for embedded systems and distributed systems too.

Currently, I’m doing my training period in Bewise in Toulouse. This company is specialised into Microsoft Technologies, like .Net or Sharepoint. Now I’m working on a Sharepoint project, migration and development of applications/web parts.

I’m trying to give you some useful tips about .Net & Sharepoint Technologies…